Case Study - Mainfreight’s transition to hybrid vehicles reduces their carbon footprint

Mainfreight has teamed with FleetPartners for 40 years to manage its small vehicle fleet. Mainfreight began operations in 1978 with a single Auckland office and has grown into a global business with over 290 branch locations worldwide, and revenue over NZ$3.2 billion.

FleetPartners and Mainfreight formed a solid working relationship based on hard work and shared values. FleetPartners helped Mainfreight start their fleet with just six cars, and as their business has grown, so has their fleet to over 300 cars and utes.

With a future-focused outlook, the company has an ever-growing commitment to sustainability. They made it their global mission to be more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient. Mainfreight approached FleetPartners to help push the company into the future with a transition to alternative fuel vehicles.

FleetPartners and Mainfreight knew they needed to trial and understand electric vehicles (EV’s) and Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV’s), but that the immediate benefit would come from moving a good proportion of the fleet to Corolla Hybrid. The conversion started in late 2017, and now hybrids make up over 30% of the company's New Zealand fleet. This switch helped lower Mainfreight's carbon emissions, improve fuel economy, and add to a growing reputation for sustainable practices.


“Our relationship is based on a shared set of values where our people and values are closely linked. We are constantly working together towards an absolute common goal of an efficient, sustainable fleet.”
Andrew Bernau, Relationship Manager, FleetPartners.

FleetPartners connects Mainfreight to its fleet insights platform Nitro, which helps their Fleet Manager track vehicles, drivers and access their fleet data in one place. The company works with FleetPartners to provide fully maintained vehicles, roadside assistance, and new cars every three to four years. When members of the Mainfreight team are looking to purchase a vehicle, FleetPartners helps to connect their team with ex-lease cars.

A local focus is important to both FleetPartners and Mainfreight. Both companies are major sponsors of Duffy Books in Homes, the charity that delivers new books to children across New Zealand to help promote a love of reading and learning.

The 40-year relationship means that Mainfreight can continue to provide their customers, and their customers' customers, with the most reliable logistics and transport services in the country.

“The FleetPartners team understands our business and culture. They provide us great service and support 24/7, useful reporting systems, honest advice and dedicated account management.”
William Smith, Commercial Manager, Mainfreight Limited.

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